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I don’t think enough has been done to expose the sociopathic doctrines being preached in some White Evangelical churches. This self fulfillinf Prophecy of ‘End of Days’ scares me far more than any ‘minority’ churches teaching. These crazed snake oil Deealers like Hagee have Gov’t officials supporting him and they buy into his psychosis an dhave the means to bring them to Fruition.

Another fact unveiled by scrutinizing the Maltese Registry of Companies is that the ‘Ndrangheta officially entered business with some Israeli citizens. Thanks to software, these people can boost the profits the Calabrian Mafia reaps from the slot machines and online poker businesses. A case in point is Ehud Goldshmidt, nick named “Udi”.

Cos facendo, il paziente sar facilitato ad abbandonare quella modalit rigida e schematica tipica dell psichica (in cui non possono essere prese in considerazione prospettive alternative alla propria) come modo di interpretare la propria soggettivit e il comportamento altrui e muover verso la graduale acquisizione o il recupero dell di mentalizzazione. Il paziente diviene mano a mano in grado di percepire come significativo e prevedibile l relazionale in cui immerso. Ci stimola lo sviluppo della funzione riflessiva e pu nel lungo periodo, ridurre la vulnerabilit generale dell dandogli la possibilit di affrontare in modo pi efficace e resiliente la complessit della vita sociale..

Concerned citizens in Michigan have been learning about a fairer, progressive consumption tax plan known as the Michigan FairTax. In order to give Michigan voters the power to choose, we are underway with a campaign to place the Michigan FairTax on the 2010 general election ballot. The Michigan FairTax will both simplify, and stimulate, Michigan’s business / jobs climate in a dramatic and ongoing basis.

I recall the response that Haynes Johnson gave to Larry King’s question (circa 1989 ) of how to sum up the Reagan’s Presidency. Johnson replied: “Ronald Reagan came to Washington with a big jar of Vaseline in his hand and asked the country to bend over.” Bush and Cheney brought a barrel of oil instead. It’s time to expose how America is and always has been a theocracy John Calvin would be proud indeed.

Last year, Cesar Cerrudo, an Argentine security researcher and chief technology officer at IOActive Labs, demonstrated how 200,000 traffic control sensors installed in major hubs like Washington; New York; New Jersey; San Francisco; Seattle; Lyon, France; and Melbourne, Australia, were vulnerable to attack. Mr. Cerrudo showed how information coming from these sensors could be intercepted from 1,500 feet away or even by drone because one company had failed to encrypt its traffic..

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